Ever Popular Alternative Wedding

Whatever style of wedding you are planning we are sure that Aunty Elsie’s will add the wow factor for you and your guests.

With Aunty Elsie’s traditional vintage china we ooze old English afternoon tea charm but by serving our inventive cocktails in the delicate cups and saucers we also have an edgy fresh feel.  And who wouldn’t want a smoking fruit julep in a kitsch teapot for your friends to share at your table – it’s seriously impressive stuff.

There are now lots more alternative wedding ideas on the market and couples are no longer feeling the need to follow the typical wedding schedule.  We are seeing more mid-week weddings, weddings abroad (why not have the wedding and honeymoon in one place!), steam punk weddings and even whole weekend funfair weddings all of which are now making it into main stream wedding magazines.

Weddings should really be a true reflection of your personalities.  Although it’s really important you, your guests, close friends and family have an amazing and memorable time it’s no longer all about ensuring you do xyz to impress your second cousin Flo who you only see once a year.

A wedding that is really you is totally possible to achieve with the right planning and research.  You can do the planning, visit the shows that appeal to you – there are now lots of wedding shows to suit different audiences with more alternative options around for the wider market – why not come and visit us at The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza on 1st March in London.

Remember what you are looking to achieve for your wedding and the vibe you want to create.  If you don’t want the typical evening buffet post wedding breakfast, don’t have one!  Look at alternatives, there are lots of options out there.  Lighting and music have a huge input into how a space feels and works for your event.  Be creative with your ideas – what’s wrong with serving drinks from jam jars with retro straws – we think that’s a rather cool idea!

It may help to jot down some really important goals that you can look back on during the planning process this really helps reset your mind if you feel like it’s getting a bit chaotic. 


We love to help our couples as much as we can during the planning process and hopefully we can help make it feel really fun – just like it’s supposed to feel.


Happy planning!


Aunty Elsie