Aunty Elsie's loves a good wedding

Aunty Elsie’s

Pop Up Tea Room with Smoking Cocktails

Aunty Elsie’s loves a good wedding


Whilst we love a good wedding, everyone remembers a great wedding.

We think that putting your own personality into your wedding really brings it to life for you and your guests.  It’s what ties the whole day together and makes it memorable.

We understand that at Aunty Elsie’s and we work with you to ensure that we bring your vision to reality.  

We pop up at your venue, bringing with us tasty cakes, cupcakes, a 10ft screen draped with red velvet curtains showing rotating images, we play great music and of course we have our smoking cocktails made with the freshest ingredients.

Our cocktails and cakes are products of Aunty Elsie’s imaginative way of reinventing tradition.  Your guests will have a nostalgic and memorable experience when they enter Aunty Elsie’s.  The vintage china gives a sense of eras past and we fuse that with amazing homemade cakes and clear tea pots with smoking cocktails – but not ordinary cocktails (that would be expected!), tea time jam and tonic anyone?

Of course to make these cocktails special you have to have the right mix of ingredients and of course the right gin is vital (shhhh it’s a trade secret!).

Aunty Elsie’s offers a 3 hour set and this is unlimited and fully inclusive of everything served to your first 110 guests.

After our 3 hours we can help you party into the evening with our top DJ, 3D lasers and LED cocktail bar.  We can also add another bar to serve beers, wines, spirits & mixers.  Whatever you’re thinking let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

Here at Aunty Elsie’s we are really passionate about giving you and your guests and amazing, unique experience for your wedding day. 

Aunty Elsie