Posh Ploughman's

We've laid on some absolutely terrific Ploughman's lunches over the last year.

Using our grazing tables, banqueting tables or wooden boards we've put some great theatre into a tried and tested lunchtime format.

Take a look at the video of Theo's latest creation at one of our exclusive manor houses. Turn up the volume and soak up the opera!

DRINKO: A Game Of Chance

Grab a disk and step up to the DRINKO board and wherever it lands decides the first part of your drink. Where it lands on the second go, determines what our bartender is putting in next.

Use it as an ice breaker, a crazy drinking game or even welcome drinks - we can organise putting a personalised logo on each disk and can send them out to all of your guests as part of the invite.

All will be revealed on arrival. Step up and enjoy a DRINKO.

Not Your Traditional Wedding

We love it when we're brought in to work at a wedding.

It's such a special day and one that has to be executed perfectly.

This Saturday we brought our bars, food and lighting. And because we're old hands at this we were able to help out in so many more ways than a traditional caterer or bar firm could ever do (or more often than not - would want to do).

That's because one thing that we're not is traditional. And we mean that in a good way....

Aunty Elsie's High Tea

As well as being quite marvellous at everything from tea-time onwards - Aunty Elsie has also ventured into the wonderful world of team building.

With our parents at Elsewhere we've put together the ultimate treasure hunt.

It's 72 stories above the rest :)

Check it out here. It's seriously great fun and for London folk it's an opportunity to stop and smell the roses.

If it was good enough for Ferris Bueller, it's good enough for Aunty Elsie......


Event Cocktail Bar Hire

We've got bar for all occasions.

And we're a unique outfit as we're the sister firm of a big events company.

This means whenever we come out we can bring complimentary up-lighters and LED spheres as standard.

Our bars really ping at night and with our team of bartenders we help you produce the event that people will want to talk about....

...for a price that others just wouldn't be able to match.

Rocking The Canapé


3 canapé classics tonight....

Accompanied with a Hemingway Daiquiri (straight up in a martini glass with a twist of grapefruit) and a Sea Breeze (in a highball filled to the brim with crushed ice and garnished with a lime wedge).


Blinis with Stilton and raspberry and blueberry salsa

Smoked salmon, beetroot and wasabi croustade cups

Roasted red pepper with feta and tapenade


Club Tropicana

Last week we needed to kick start a Club Tropicana party and it goes without saying that the drinks were free (we ran a fully inclusive and unlimited fixed price bar), there was lots of fun and the odd pocket of sunshine.... 

The hawaiian shirts were slipped on, palm trees inflated and the Mai Tais and Pina Coladas knocked into shape.

Our DJ booth delivered some real 80's classics and with our Aunty Elsie's 8 foot back drop behind us - the bar kept the party going until the early hours.

For us, Wham has never sounded so good :)